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Be mining company and trade with the commitment of coal leading up to the standards, in accordance with requirements customers either of standards of quality, the quantity and exactness time of mailing.



Produce products, system and service oriented to standard application and requirements customers, through step repair sustainable in terms of quality and resources, by applying quality management system, so can optimize advantage and improve the welfare of all the employees.


Save Our Planet

In addition to focus on other businesses, coal, we run this environmental conditions in order to create a safe and comfortable we are also concerned with environmental sustainability of around us.


PT ATLANTIC BUMI INDO is a company engaged in coal trading, we have good cooperation with the mining company that is reliable and high-quality products in order to support the coal needs You. Some of them have long-term contracts to secure our suppliability, for smooth effort and satisfaction of our customers.
We have a mission to become the leading coal mining and trading standards commitment in accordance with customer's requirements, both from the standard of quality, quantity and timeliness of delivery.

Our Partner

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